I'm the one ovethink

22 June 2016

"She'll spend day analyzing your facial expression when you speak and night deciphering what the period placement in your text message mean. She'll agonize for hours over why you didn't say hello to her at  breakfast and start to create unrealistic scenarios in her head that decided you not longer liked her. She'll always ask you if you're okey and constantly say that she loves you just to hear you say it back to her. And she'll cry ohh lord she will cry. She'll cry over the way you looked at that girls or the way your eyes stopped lighting up at her name. She'll cry when you start kissing her like it is your job and touch her like it's a habit. She'll even overthink the fact that maybe she just overthinking. That you do still lover her ? That all these worries might actually just be in her head. And so when you do leave, she'll still wake up at night six month from now replying the memories over her head like a jukebox thinking. "Where did I go wrong" , "What did I do this time?""
 If you really know who I'm, I just need all your heart.


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